Tried And Tested Ways To Build Links – 2016

Link building is a subject of serious debate among SEO gurus. However, they all agree that link building is continually evolving and the strategies used have to be modified to keep up with these changes. Here we give you the rules for 2016 link building.

All these strategies have been tried and tested and are sure to get the coveted page ranking for your website. But you must remember that link building is time-consuming and you cannot expect results overnight. However, with a sound white hat link building strategy in place, you can slowly but surely climb up the rank ladder of search engines. If you follow the rules listed here, you can watch your site’s meaningful or organic traffic keep on increasing month after month.

1. Aim for Relevancy
This is the most important factor when it comes to link building. There has been not even a single case where a site has been penalized for acquiring relevant tier-one backlinks. The relevancy that Google uses to gauge sites is based on the following:
The content of the domain that does the linking
The content of the page where linking happens
The backlinks that occur on the page and their relevancy
There are several tools that help you measure the relevancy of a particular site. Make sure to use these metrics before you acquire backlinks.

2. Authority sites are your allies
The stronger the authority site, the more valuable is the backlink. Since Google no longer provides the Page ranks of sites, you must make use of third party tools to help you evaluate the page ranks. However, you must use these tools with a pinch of salt. Not any of them are 100% accurate but they are sufficient to do the required job. A few popular page rank tools are Majestic, Ahrefs and Open Site Explorer.

3. Direct your attention to Real Websites
You must aim to get backlinks from sites that already have a high rate of traffic. Yes, they are the hardest backlinks to attain, but they are the most valuable and can be highly rewarding. However, since you can’t find the exact traffic on a site, you have to rely on third-party tools to do the job for you. SEM Rush is a great tool that you can make use of.

4. Use the potential of guest posts
Most of the sites and blogs are willing and even happy to receive relevant and quality blog posts from people. However, before you write a guest post make sure that:
The website/blog is relevant to your niche
The article should not be directly promotional and should not atoll the virtues of your company or brand
The article must be focused on quality and must aim to add value to the site where you are posting it
Remember that a badly written article can even harm your reputation
Make sure to use these tried and tested strategies to boost your link building plans for this year. Happy link building!

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