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Making Local SEO Work To The Advantage Of Your Business

The biggest update made by Google on August 2015 has led to the increase in the use of the word Local SEO. First before we provide you with local SEO solutions let’s have a quick peek into what actually is Local SEO and how it can be profitable for your business needs. If you are a local business owner and you sell products or services to local customers mostly, then it is beneficial to your business if more and more local customers approach you. Customers no longer look up the name or address or phone number of a business in the classifieds section. Instead nearly 87% of all new customers look up businesses online before they approach the store physically.

Google made a big change to the way search results were displayed when people searched for a particular business online. Instead of displaying the usual seven results of local businesses the number was reduced to three. This came as a surprise to SEO enthusiasts however Google claimed that the move was done to improve user friendliness. The “7 pack” was replaced by a cleaner and “3 pack”. However this was a great disadvantage to businesses usually ranked at the slots of 4 to 7. Yet the Google map that is displayed near the results did not reduce the number of local businesses it listed.

So if you are a local business owner looking to improve the visibility of your business online then the first and foremost step you should take is to make your website SEO friendly. Make sure you list the NAP (Name, Address and Phone Number) on each and every page of your website that too in the same format. Also have the NAP of your business listed in several other online directories. Make sure you retain the same format across several websites. This is the first and important step to be taken to make Local SEO work in your favor.